So How Does Our Coaching Process Work?

2. Analysis Of Your Needs

Through a process of deep understanding, we work with you to analyse your specific needs and desires for a future outcome.

3. Mandating/Contracting with Us

Intergral to our process is drawing up a mandate and specifically contracting with you to set up a framework within which we will work based on your individual, team or organisational needs. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that we are on track.

4. Reviewing the Process

It is important to us that we are constantly tracking how closely we are meeting your needs. Therefore we have built feedback mechanisms into our processes. For example, after 3 coaching sessions, you will be asked to assess how effective you deem the process to be.

Our Purpose and Services – How we can help and assist you…


  • To Coach you to fulfill your potential
  • To Mentor you to be the best at what you do
  • To Coach you with empathy and support
  • To Consult with you professionally and with insight
  • To Assess you effectively and give appropriate feedback
  • To develop your habits to support your success
  • To be a catalyst for change and personal growth and development
  • To assist with your time management and prioritisation
  • To support you if you are going through a career and life transition
  • To assist with your career development and change


  • To assist with team dynamics and encourage open communication
  • To use team coaching as a process to improve performance


  • To identify ways to grow your business to become more prosperous and profitable
  • Assist with Human Resources related issues and opportunities
  • Instil a healthy culture that is not driven by fear or control or blame
  • To assist with performance management
  • To assist with the implementation of 360 degree feedback processes
  • To enable and support organisational change


Below is a hierarchical model of an individual’s awareness – this is used by eloomanate as a way of gauging where you are at in your growth phase. This enables us to best meet your needs depending upon where you are currently:

Eight Levels of Awareness (Adapted from Barret’s Seven Levels of Consciousness)
1 “I am lacking things” Survival Awareness: needing to survive, being aware of health, security, financial needs.
2 “I crave love” Relationship Awareness: feeling cocooned, safe and loved. Connecting with family and friends.
3 “I am insufficient” Self Awareness: have a sense of own self-esteem, feeling confident, being competent. Being able to properly manage oneself.
4 “I can be confident” Confidence Awareness: starting to live and love in the light. Finding the confidence and courage to grow and develop. Adapting to one’s environment and circumstances. Starting to live and respect yourself.
5 “I value myself” Purposeful Awareness: finding one’s purpose in life. Starting to live according to principles and values (e.g. integrity, honesty, authenticity, trust, love, passion, creativity).
6 “I am enough” Universal Awareness: starting to live one’s purpose. Empathising with others by putting yourself in their shoes. Forming meaningful alliances. Being intuitive, helping others while also focusing on your own well-being.
7 “I see others” Ubuntu Awareness: feeling and embodying compassion and empathy for others, humble in the presence of others, seeing others in a deep and real way.
8 “I connect with a higher power” Spiritual Awareness: belief in a higher power, seeing the bigger picture, caring for the world as a whole.